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  • Metalizing TSC
  • Metallizing is a method of anti-corrosive coating that forms a protective film on the surface by spraying molten metal wires onto the surface of parent material using heated energy generated by oxygen, propane, or acetylene, or electrical discharges.

    Coating the surface with metalic wires creates a dense and firm film which prevents long-term(usually up to 25years) weathering effects and corrosion and this method is cost-effective.

    Samwon Techno offers services using various types of wires and not only do we have experiences applying Thermal Spray Coating at ocean plants, but also at wind and thermoelectric power plant In addition, metalizing is fit to automation that Samwon Techno has built automation facility in its TSA shop making it possible to handle ample amount of work loads precisely.
  • Automation

    Samwon Techno owns automated spraying facilities that many metalizing companies wish to have. The automation facilities and equipments enable the operators to accurately thermal coat the pipes and items with narrow radiance and hard to reach, in which Samwon has proven in various projects.
  • TS Aluminum

    TS Aluminum - using aluminum wire rod in which is resistant to corrosion, erosion, heat, and wear and fit to shipbuilding and marine industry.
  • TS Zinc

    TS Zinc - using zinc wire rod in which is resistant to corrosion and fits to industrial infrastructures, oil and marine industries. Two individual blasting shops were built for sepration of iron and non-ferrous blasting works.
  • TS Alloy

    TS Alloy - using alloy wire rod mixture of multiple aluminum, zinc, nickel and etc. As various compound can be made, various applications and features are availiable. It also boasts excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, and ,let alone, has higher application temperature than that of TSA or TSZ.
  Features Application Temperature Scope of Work Application
(Aluminum : 99% more)
• Resistant in corrosion, erosion, and heat.
• High application temperature and excellent durability.
• Excellent for coastal and sea area, seabed area environment
• Used for industries such as oil and gas, ocean, and car manufacturing.
660°C 이하
• Oil & Gas pipelines
• C.U.I (Corrosion Under Insulation)
• Breakwater piles
• Holding tanks
• Flare tower booms
• Offshore Oil platforms
• Automotive headers
• Saltwater piles
• Boats
• Boat winches
• Boiler External
• Seawater immersion
• Vessel , column
• Heater exchanger
(Zinc : 99.9%)
• Excellent resistance in corrosion.
• Primer application excellence.
• Used for Industrial infrastructure and maintenance,
bridge building, oil and gas power plant, ocean industry and etc..
440°C or under
• I-Beams
• Dam gates
• Piles
• Tranmission towers
• Frames
• Cabinets
• Bridges
• Wind towers
• Pipe condencers
• Lattice Boom
• Knuckle Boom crane
• Hot dip Galvanizing repair
• Any other metallic materials that will be corrosive.
Zn / Al
(Zinc 85% / Aluminum 15%)
• Excellent resistance in corrosion.
• The principle of sacrificial corrosion prevention.
• Addition of aluminum gives stronger corrosion resistance than pure zinc.
• Used for various industries such as oil and gas, ocean, electricity, and etc on both on & off shore environments.
440°C or under • Bridge I-Beams
• Bridge Girders
• Wind towers
• Transmission poles
• Light poles
• Fresh water immersion
Inconel 625
(Ni 62.5%, Cr 22%, Mo 10%)
• alloy based on nickel and chrome and strong resistance in corrosion and oxidation, and heat.
• Excellent resistance and durability putting up to extreme low temperature to 1,100°C.
• Used for equipment such as heat-resistant boilers and filaments in vacuum tubes.
1,200°C or under • Oxidation and heat resistant coatings
• Corrosion resistant
• Boiler Internal
(Ni 60%, Cr 15%, Mo 16%)
• Excellent resistance in corrosion.
• Metal to metal abrasion resistance excellence.
• Used for pollution prevention, chemical treatment, desulrization and, waste disposal facilities.
1,200°C or under • Corrosion resistant
• Pump casings
• Valves
• Exhaust stacks
• Scrubber
(Fe 66.5%, Cr 17%, Ni 12%)
• Stainless Steel
• Excellent resistance in corrosion and abrasion
• Used for mechanical part repair, dimensional restoration and abrasion resistance applications.
• 900°C or under • Shaft buildup
• Parts rebuilding
• Rams
• Food industry rolls
• Valve
(Fe 84.7%, Cr 13%)
• Stainless Steel
• Excellent resistance in corrosion and abrasion
• Used for mechanical part repair, dimensional restoration
  • Paper rolls
• Dimentional restoration
• Corrosion/Wear
• Valve
(Ni 56.3%, Cr 43%, Ti 0,7%)
• Excellent resistance in corrosion and abrasion
• highly resistant to sulfur and vanadium atmospheres up to 996°C
• Used for boiler tubes in black liquor recovery boilers and coal fired utility boilers.
  • Boiler tubes
• Corrosion resistance
(Al + Ceramic Oxide 46%)
• Excellent resistance in corrosion.
• Anti-slip coatings for pedestrian traffic and personnel safety on boat deck.
  • Lift gates for trucks
• Gangways
• Flight Deck Navy Vessels
• Pedestrian Bridges
• Bridges for Traffic
• Ferry Decks

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